Weekend Recap - Better late then never

Mea Culpa.  I didn't post last friday before shabbat started.  The days are longer and brighter and I spent the morning cleaning up and driving car-pool.  My youngest broke his glasses.  He was wearing his backup pair, but needed both a checkup and a new pair that was not totally bent out of shape.   Strangely enough, his prescription has changed and his backup pair is only about 1/3 of the strength he needs to see the blackboard at school.  Oh well, one new pair coming up.

We had an unusual experience with our guests.  Two young ladies had called to stay with us for shabbat.  On Friday morning, they called for directions; what bus should they take, and where should they get on in Jerusalem.  One of my sons explained the details and told them that the last bus leaves between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.  They arrived just as the last bus had left the station.  The only option left was to take a taxi which costs about 140 NIS ($37).  They called my son and asked if we could help them cover the cost, and we said yes.  The alternative was to leave two people without food or plans for shabbat.  We had a nice shabbat with them and I'm sure made a good impression about life in Israel and in our community. After shabbat, I gave them some cash to cover the taxi.

I'm divided about what we should/could have done.  Not only did we house and feed them for the weekend, but was also covered their transportation.  That's definitely beyond the call of duty.  But was it the right thing to do?

Here is our menu from this past weekend.  The most unusual thing I made was green been soup.  I sweated onions, celery and frozen green beans with a bit of basil, boiled it, simmered it and then pureed it.  The result was very tasty, but the texture was off because of the many tough strings left in the soup.  I eventually removed most of them (straining and picking them out by hand) and the soup was a big hit.   I am pretty sure that the strings were from the green beans.  The frozen package was not high quality.  It will be some time before I try that again.

Shabbat Tzaria-Metzora
Dinner - 8
Green bean soup
Spaghetti and meatballs
Stir fried chicken and vegetables
Green Salad
Cucumber salad

Lunch - 14
Cold Cuts
Garam Massala Pargiot
Garlic Green beans
Israeli Salad

Seduat shlishit - many (n > 20)
Cheesy Rice
Vegetables and parve leftovers


Anonymous said…
It was rude of the girls to ask for help covering the Taxi and shows their immaturity - but it was right for you to pay.

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