Bless me for I have neglected you

Holy readers, its been two weeks since my last post.    During that time, I visited and starved in Pisa, Italy.  My wife and family made the meals last week and did a very good job (if you like milk meals on shabbat). This week was smoother and now I'm back to a normal schedule.

I attended a conference in Pisa for one of the projects that funds my graduate school experience.   This was our final general meeting as the project failed to get follow-on funding for next year.  The usual suspects were all in attendance and surprisingly positive about the projects results and its future.  For those who have not yet heard me rant about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I have to say that its just plain wrong.   There are few things in this world that evoke a visual sense of wrongness.  The leaning tower makes me ill.  It is an embarrassment to engineers everywhere.  The one other event that I can recall is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse.  I have thoughtfully provided you with pictures so that you too can shudder.

The other challenge in Pisa is the lack of kosher food.  Ok, I knew ahead of time that there would be no kosher food, but I can usually find enough vegetarian food (vegetables and breads) to make do.  Everything in Pisa was ham and cheese.    Fortunately, we were able to get fresh apples and I subsided on apples and coffee for the three days of the event.


Hasya Ya'ara said…
Sounds like starvation was your absolution. (Giggle!!)

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