Full House

Just when we thought the end of the school year meant the end of our big shabbat meals, comes this shabbat with a full house.  First, we have a friend of our youngest staying with us while his parents are away on a trip.  Then, my sister is visiting with three of her children!  They too will be staying at our house for the weekend.   One of my sons is away, so our base number is six.  Thus, dinner will be a modest 10.

Lunch is another story.  Start with these 10.  Add my married son and his wife.  Add a friend and his son who are coming over because the electricity was turned off in their house.  Add two families that we invited, one with three kids and one with two.  Total 23!

In case you havn't gotten the message yet, we love company on weekends.  Hence the name of the blog!  I can only hope that we have the honor of company for many years to come.

On the food side, lots of dishes because of the quantities.  No biggie, just more work.

Dinner - 10
Pepperpot Soup (from my favorite soup cookbook: Soups of Hakafri Restaurant)
Beef Stew (with Kohlrabi and Carrots)
Chicken Stir Fry

Lunch - 23
Meat Roll
Roast Chicken
Curried Pargiot
Sesame Noodles (from Cooking one on one with John Ash)
Green Salad
Roasted Vegetables


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