Last weekend of seminaries/yeshivot for chutznakim

This is the last weekend for most seminaries catering to foreign students in Israel.  The kids need to go back home to work at summer camps that start in mid-june.  We had a nice year, but not a particularly busy one with respect to american students.  Ok, so were were busy with a bar-mitzva and an wedding that put a serious cramp in our ability to host guests.  May next year be easier with more new friends.

This weekend, we attempted to invite a family over for lunch, only to be invited to their house instead.  They are readers of this blog and have told me that the restaurant wings recipe is one of their favorites.  They would not even let me bring anything!  Oh well, I'm sure it will be a wonderful meals with friends.

We have two young ladies staying with us this shabbat.  One of them visited our house for shabbat three years ago as a high school student.  Now she is back in seminary and has decided to spend one of her last weekends of this trip in Israel with us.  We are honored.

Shabbat Parshat Shelach
Dinner - 9
Chicken Soup w/ Vegetables
Beef in Wine Sauce
Jamaican Curried Chicken  (add allspice)
Vegetables (don't know yet)


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