Summer is here and its hot

Its summer.Did I mention that I have a strong dislike for this season in Israel.  The temperature is hot, the humidity is low, the skies are clear all day and the sun gives me migraines.   Schools are over and the foreign students have gone home.  Its going to be a long hot summer.

This weekend, we were invited our for dinner.  Yeah!  We are a hard family to host, with lots of large boys and larger appetites. Thankfully, we have great friends who put up with us.

For lunch, we have invited over my son's Ram.  A Ram is a Rebbi Muvhack, a rabbi who is his permanent teacher.  For my son, this person is like a parent and we are cool with that.  Sometimes, our children need special help that we cannot provide and it is nice to know that there are special people who can step in.

Shabbat Parshat Chukat
Lunch - 16
Corned Beef
Creole Jumbalaya
Prepare Shnitzel
Roast Potatoes
Zucchini Salad from Zucchini: You Can Never Have Enough (Bountiful Gardens)
Israeli Salad


ilanadavita said…
I'd love to read the recipe for zucchini salad.

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