Company and more company

Some weekends are slow, others are not.  This one is not slow.  #3 son has gone off to be a councilor at a summer camp up north.  So our base number is only six, but we figured out a way to fix that.

Usually, we receive guests who are studying in Israel for a year.  This weekend, a young lady who was here two years ago at a seminary has come back for a summer program.  She is bringing two friends with her.

Two of our friends arrived back from a trip to the states this week.  My study partner and his wife arrived today, but they have family in the community who will help them this shabbat.  My wife's business partner was in the states for a week, and she is very jet-lagged.  Her family will be eating with us tonight.  (That's 6+3+3 so far).

Another of our good friends in the community are also eating over.  Their son is with #3 son up north.  So that's another 4 for dinner (total: 6+3+3+4 = 16)

Shabbat lunch is another story.  Begin with the base of 9 and add two divorced women and their families.  We're back at 15.

Did I mention that at least one of our guests for dinner is a vegetarian?  No big deal, but I like to make sure that I have enough options for everyone.  My meals are usually focused on the main meat course, so a vegetarian throws off the focus somewhat.

The recipes this week come from these cookbooks:
Good Day for Soup: Over 200 Recipes for Any Occasion
Sephardic Kosher Kitchen
The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook

Shabbat Parshat Phineas
Dinner - 16
Cream of Cauliflower and Spinach soup
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Chicken meat roll with mushrooms and onions
Beef meat roll with hot red peppers
Braised Eggplant ( in soy sauce and stock)
Lightly pickled cabbage and carrot salad
A vegetarian dish from our vegetarian friends mother!

Lunch - 15
Curry Pargiot
Beef and Cabbage
Peas, Sausages and Rice
Roasted Potatoes
Israeli Salad
Green Salad


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