Rav Amital Z"L

I have studied at exactly two yeshivot.  The first was my high school in Cleveland.  The second was in Alon Shvut.  At the time, there were two leaders who shared responsibility for the focus and direction of the yeshiva; Rav Lichtenstein and Rav Amital.  Rav Lichtenstein is/was a model of scholarship and poise.  He was somewhat aloof and intellectual.   Rav Amital was the opposite.  He enjoyed singing traditional songs on Shabbat and invited the foreign students (like me) to come over and sing.  I learned from Rav Amital that you should never sing a song only once.  It is only during the repetition that you begin to understand the song and its meanings.

Rav Amital passed as last night.  He will be missed as a personality and a leader.


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