Travel and Colds

I have an unfortunate propensity to develop a cold after traveling to the US for any length of time.  My wife believes it is because I sit on the airplane for too many hours.  I think that there is something to that, since the enclosed space is perfect for the transfer of germs.  Regardless of how it happens, I arrived back from the US and promptly fell under the spell of a head cold.  At least I think its a head cold so far.  Bummer.

On better news, we have guests from Cleveland this weekend.  My nephew is still here and will be joined by three young ladies; My cousin's daughter, An old friends daughter and someone we have yet to meet.  Other than that, we have no other planned guests.  My son and his wife will join us for lunch, but that's not guests, that's family.

Shabbat Parshat Eikev
Dinner - 11
Onion Soup with Homemade Beef Stock
Hamburgers Au Poivre
Chicken and Garlic
Brussels Sprouts

Lunch - 13
Corned Beef
Roast Chicken
Traditional Stuffing (mushrooms, onions, etc.)
Green Salad
Israeli Salad


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