I am terrible at remembering to post while traveling.  Last week, I visited the US for business and pleasure. I spent the weekend at my parents house and as a result, didn't cook anything for Shabbat.  My family is well, but aging.  I'm told that this is normal, but it is still hard to watch.  My brother lives near my parents and has taken responsibility for watching over them.  I cannot thank him or praise him enough for this act of chesed.

While I was gone, my family ate ate one of our friends house.  Here is his menu for Shabbat lunch.  My wife tells me that there was WAY too much food, which is a tribute to my friends passion for hosting guests.

·         First Course:
o   Gefilte Fish
o   Bread deep-fried Fish
o   Humus
o   Tehina
o   Israeli salad
·         Main Course:
o   Tibeet (Iraqi Cholent – Overnight cooked whole chicken stuffed with meat, tomato paste, cinnamon, Hale, salt & pepper, with 2.5 cups of rice, 2 onions, and topped off with 16 eggs that will brown overnight)
o   Sweet & Sour Meatballs
o   Plum brazed chicken legs and wings
o   Mashed Potatoes
o   Broccoli
·         Dessert:
o   Cookies (3 types)
o   Assorted nuts


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