Bridge for Beginners

I went to my first duplicate bridge tournament this evening. There is a club that meets once a week in the Park Mayim in Reut. I went with my chavruta who happens to be a very experienced bridge player. To paraphrase my sone, "It was fun. I had a good time."

Seriously, it quiet and tense and your brain is really working full time at full speed. There is so much information flowing between the bids and the play that you have to be sharp.

I have a tendency to stretch the truth at bridge. I will bid an opening hand with 11 points. Not so good all the time and I'll have to control that.

Tonight, I bid 3 clubs (a weak 3 bid) on a hand with seven clubs. Only problem was that I had 2 points total. We made a 4NT contract, but that turned out to be a bad thing because other players had failed their contract and the opposing team won lots of points.

Oh well, I look forward to playing more often. If you are interested in playing competitive bridge, let me know.


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