I'm late, and didn't post this before shabbat. Interestingly, the corned beef in the crock pot came out significantly better than my normal, boiled corned beef.  I put the beef in a crock pot with lots of onions and carrots.  This is definitely the way to go.  Its more heat efficient and tastes better.

Shabbat Parshat Re'eh
Dinner - 10
Spicy Beef Soup based on
Louisiana Turkey Pull
Indian Eggplant
Mushrooms in Wine Sauce

Lunch - 16
Crock Pot Corned Beef
Roast Chicken - brined with honey, sage and thyme
Hot dogs
Israeli Salad
Sauted Cabbage, Ginger and Garlic
Green Beens

Seudat Shishit - many


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