Ready and waiting

The holiday's approach and I am in transition.  I will be finishing my Phd within the next month (god and advisors willing) and I'm looking for a new gig.  The search is going to be challenging given the current market state, but I have confidence that I'll find something cool and exciting to do.  To my future employers, I look forward to working with you!

This weekend is once again a relatively quiet one.  Very small dinner and close friends for lunch.  Our kiddush tomorrow is in honor of my chavruta's 50th wedding anniversary.  That is one serious achievement and I wish them another 50 years of happiness.

Shabbat Parshat Ki-Tavo
Dinner - 5 to 7 depending on two women's plans for the evening
Chicken Soup
Coq au vin - pargiot in wine sauce (from the joy of cooking)
Garlic Green Beans
Cookies for Dessert

Lunch - 13
Specialty Challot (by Y)
Corned Beef
Beef and Cabbage
Coca-Cola chicken - 1 cup cola, 1 cup ketchup, bake
Israeli Salad
Size dish (by M)
Dessert (by Y)


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