Coming back

Its been almost two months without blogging, and I really needed the break.   Even for those who enjoy change, transitions are challenging.  My Phd thesis is almost done and I'm out in the business world, looking for an exciting position that I can really sink my teeth into.   Half of my children are now out of the house and we are still adjusting to their absence.

I'm not sure where this blog will go, but there are a few things that I do feel need to be acknowledged.

First, my friend RivkA is in the hospital.  RivkA was diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer five years ago.  She was recovering, but two years later the cancer metastasized.   RivkA has been battling cancer for the past five years, and has blogged about it consistently.  This link has a talk that RikvA gave last year about battling adversity.

My heart goes out to RivkA and her family.  I don't believe in praying for miracles, but I do pray that RivkA and her family find a safe place and acceptance of what life and God have given them.  May we be honored to read RivkA's blog entries in the future.

Secondly, Religion is a big part of my life.  Not necessarily the traditional observances, although they do have a place, but the tensions and efforts of religious people to find their place and their communities place in the world.  Rabbi Boteach has written an interesting essay and Treppenwitz has covered it in detail on his blog.  I don't have an issue either way with homosexuality, but dealing with it in the context of religion has always been an interesting problem.  Rabbi Boteach's approach is consistent with a broader approach to religion.   The Rambam signed his letters: "the writer, who every day is guilty of transgressing three sins", referring to his living in Egypt against the direct laws of the torah.

The world is a complicated place.  There is no black and white.  Religion is a balancing act between directing people to act appropriately and turning them into robots with no free will.  The ultra-orthodox place their communities towards the robot side, while the conservative and reform movements, remove most directives as too constricting for modern man.  There has to be a middle ground here where people can choose for themselves and still believe in God and religion.

I'm back, and I'll try to post regularly.  May you all have a safe weekend and may RivkA find health and peace.


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