Geeky: Knuth and I

Now this is probably a very strange comic for most of you, but for me, its a reminder of times past.  The background is that Donald Knuth, a professor of Computer Science at Stanford, has been writing a bible of computer science for the past twenty years.  He is so confident in his efforts that he will pay for each error that you uncover; $2.56 for any typographical errors or mistakes discovered in his books, because "256 pennies is one hexadecimal dollar", and $0.32 for "valuable suggestions".

I tried to submit one of these many years ago and although I was confident, Knuth explained the errors of my ways.

Have a nice day,


Dov said…
Definitely a "blast from the past."

So do you, a venerable university levturer, see students using and understanding and even venerating Knuth the way we did?

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