My Thesis: Free at last, Free at last

For the past five years, I have been working on my Phd in Computer Science; Learning, teaching, research, project management, travel and writing.  I started on my way with a cool idea, only to have it summarily shot down by and expert in the field.

Never trust an expert (me included).

He was lost at sea on a solo overnight cruise.  I kept working and found that he was wrong.  Great, five years later, I finally submitted my thesis.  I have completed all of the requirements for the Phd and now I just have to wait while an anonymous set of judges reviews my work.  Basically, I'm done!

Free at last, free at last.

The mental overhead towards the end with deadlines, errors, and challenges was really hard.  Its over now and I can feel the freedom of thought returning to my curdled brain.

I have a printed copy if you want to drop on by my house.  Otherwise, wait a few months and I'll publish a digital version.

I can finally breath... and ... on to my next business.  The fun never ends.


SuperRaizy said…
Mazal Tov! Thank God almighty you're free at last!
Dov said…
Nothing like an expert thinking something's a bad idea to make it worth researching.....

Mazal tov and ta'aleh mi'chayil le'chayil!
Talia said…
Mazal Tov! On to the next challenge?
Ron said…
Mazal tov!

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