My wife and I were married on Thanksgiving day, 24 years ago.  Since then, we have celebrated our anniversary with the traditional thanksgiving day meal.  If you search this blog, you can see past thanksgivings here, here and here.  For some time now, we have hosted huge thanksgiving events with more than 300 friends and guests.   This year, we have a change.   My sister's son is celebrating his Bar Mitzva this weekend and we are all invited.  Our thanksgiving party has been canceled for this year, but we will be celebrate a condensed version  next weekend with a smaller group of friends (20 or so).

I am very excited to participate in this Bar Mitzva. My nephew is a bundle of energy and excitement.  He has grown significantly over the past few years from a very independent child to a real mench.  It is a pleasure to watch him grow up and blossom.

From the thanksgiving point of view, I will miss our big gala event.  It was very much part of my yearly calendar.  This year we will have a Thanuka (Thanksgiving+Hanuka) dinner next shabbat.  We will make the same foods for which we have become locally famous and will share the good times with our friends.

We have much to be thankful for this past year.  My eldest was married in February, bringing my first daughter-in-law into the family.  My second son who had a kidney transplant last year in may, is fully recovered and has entered the army as a volunteer. My third son graduated high school and is now studying in Yeshiva until his army duty starts this spring.  Numbers four, five and six are all healthy and studying in high school!  We are done with elementary school.

My wife is studying in a two year tour-guide course and really enjoying the country and the learning.  She is going to be a great guide (shameless plug for business) and constantly impresses us with her knowledge, passion and excitement about the land and its history.

Of course, I just finished my Phd thesis and I'm now starting a new venture.  I'll probably have to start a new blog for the business side, but I hope to continue with WeekendHospitality for my personal views and events.

To give thanks is to recognize positive events in our life, to recognize the people who made them happen and the people who were with you throughout.  I give thanks for the past year, to God for the many miracles, to our friends for their support, to my wife and my family for being there always.

May you recognize the gifts that you have and the wonderful things that have occurred.  May we continue to share these gifts and events in the year to come.



Hasya Ya'ara said…

Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. And mazal tov on all of your's and your families successes.

May each year bring you more simchas.

Hasya Ya'ara

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