Medical update: Iodine

I have the strange pleasure to suffer from an over-active thyroid gland.  I don't wish it on anyone, the side effects are troublesome.  I've lost a ton of weight,which is probably the best side effect.  The other side effects are less friendly, but I've gotten through the worst and am now on the mend.

The treatment for this disease is cool.  Yesterday, I took two small radioactive iodine pills.  1.5 hours of travel to the hospital during rush hour, five minutes to take the pills and 30 minutes back home.  Now, I'm radioactive for three days.  No going near people, which means more time on the computer!  Good thing I'm a techie and that I've got a new game to play (Starcraft II).

The treatment is boring.  No symptoms, no indicators what so ever that anything is happening.  I have been told that the over-active thyroid symptoms will take about a month to go away.  I can't wait!

Wish me luck and stay away for a few days.


Dov said…
Refuah sh'leima and targish tov! I hope it goes well.

I was in Terem recently and heard a visiting American try to wish another patient there (who was grimacing and occasionally screaming in pain) good luck with their treatment. The visiting American knew that "Mazal" meant luck, and "tov" is good, so he wished the screaming patient a "mazal tov" on their treatment. (Someone else quickly corrected them to wish be'hatzlacha.)

Is this a new treatment? Sounds fascinating. For the rest of your life you'll be able to tell people at parties "I remember during the time that I was radioactive...." !

Refu'ah shleima!
Anonymous said…
It's like having cooties. Well, enjoy your game and I hope you're cootie free by Friday at noon :)
Talia said…
Refua Shelma!
Does this mean your house will glow at night :)?

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