Return to regular weekends

Its been some time since I've posted a menu, but its time to start again.

The holidays are all over, (Thanksgiving and Chanuka).  The intense fall has past and winter is now visiting the country with cool evenings and pleasant daytime temperatures.  The rains of the past week were a good start, but we really need more cloudy, overcast, wet days.  Nothing in the forecast, but we can still hope.

This weekend, we have one family eating over for lunch.  Dinner is just 6, which is pretty small for our crowd.  I've been in isolation for most of this week so my wife kindly volunteered to cook for this weekend.  Much appreciated.

Shabbat Parshat VaYechi
Dinner - 6
Orange Soup (Pumpkin)
Beef Burgundy
Prepared Shnitzel
Green Beans

Lunch - 14
Crock-pot Chicken
Leiah's Best Fried Chicken
Deviled Eggs
Roast Eggplant
Green Salad
Israeli Salad


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