Big Blue: Holyland Bowl XXI Winners

Big Blue won the Holyland bowl last night after a tight game against Derech Eretz Chayim (DEC).  The contest is the culmination of months of play with more than 60 teams participating in an adult flag football league.  This is the big boys league, with some contact.   DEC is a perennial challenger in this league, recruiting yeshiva students for their year in Israel based on their football ability.  Playing against them, Big Blue is made up of locals, many of whom play on the Israeli national flag football team.  Both teams have previously won the championship, so this was a closely watched game.

My son played defensive corner for Big Blue.  We were excited and pleased to watch the play from the roof of the clubhouse.  It was cold as usual for Jerusalem (about 40 degrees F., 7 degree celcius).  The cold didn't bother these players, who had clearly practiced for this game.

Since it was a bowl game, there was a half-time show.  But since this was Jerusalem, instead of the Black Eyed Peas, we had the hall of fame inductees and a throwing contest.  Not quite as exciting, but you get what you pay for a five shekel admission fee.

See you next year at the Holyland Bowl.  Go Big Blue!


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