11 organs, 3 deaths, lives saved

Check out this article from the Jpost:  3 people died last week.  Two from strokes and one from meningitis. We morn their passing and send condolences to their families.  May they find solace and comfort from their friends and family.

All three of these people were ADI organ donor card carriers.  Their families agreed upon their deaths to donate their organs to those in need.  Within a 24 hour period, 11 organs were transplanted, four kidneys, a heart, three lungs, and three livers.

We give thanks to those who dies and provided the living with another chance at life.  May those living remember these selfless acts and live accordingly.

The world can be a good place or a bad place.  A lot depends on how you look at it.


Melissa said…
May Hashem bless the souls of those who gave life, and may He bless those who continue to live.

Organs truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you for writing this post.

Anonymous said…
Maybe you will want to place a facebook button to your website. I just marked down this site, but I had to do it manually. Simply my $.02 :)

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