The shape of things to come?

The weekend offers a taste of things to come.  Empty nesting is when the kids leave home and the family becomes smaller.  My wife is working this weekend, some of my kids are home and others are out.  We are eating both meals out, with only four of us at each meal.  Change is part of our lives and this too shall pass, but I can see that our house is changing.

From a food perspective, We are bringing dessert for dinner tonight. My son made a magic chocolate cake with lemon icing.  Its looks wonderful and I'm sure will taste great.

For lunch, I'm making chicken and rice using the basic recipe from "Cooking for Engineers".  We have lots of frozen bread and a head of cabbage that has been sitting in the fridge for two weeks, so I'm making stuffing.  Instead of the apples, I'm using pears because that is what I have on hand.

Have a great weekend,


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