Middle of Passover Weekend

Ah, more meat, more potatoes.  A real man's holiday and it lasts 7 days!  What could be better expect perhaps additional cholesterol medication.

Not many guests for this weekend.  Dinner is 10 and lunch will be our basic 7.  I usually cook Atkin's friendly dishes, so passover is not a big deal.  On the other hand, I also serve starches as sides and that's much harder.

Here's something fun to do. I use a real lamb shank for the seder plate.  We don't eat it that night, but we do present it as a remembrance of the holiday service more than 2000 years ago.  (That's a really long time).  So what do with the shank once the seder is over?  Today, I sliced the meat off the bone, cut zucchini and onions on a mandolin and stir fried it all together.  It smells wonderful and will taste great tonight.

My wife has a tradition of making parve ice cream on Pessach.  We all enjoy it as dessert after our meals.  This year, she experimented with "Waffle" flavored ice cream.  Its maple syrup and cinnamon.  Yummy!

Shabbat Hol Mamoed Pessach
Dinner - 10
Matza Ball Chicken soup
Meatballs in roasted eggplant (from the Sephardic Kosher Kitchen)
Chicken Marsala (peppers, tomatoes and chicken)
Lamb and Zucchini
Matza Farfel
Green Salad

Lunch - 7
Chicken Stir Fry
Roast Potatoes
Israeli Salad


Melissa said…
I have to tell you this is my first Passover not eating chametz.


I can do it, I'm almost there. This is what I keep telling myself. I realize it's not too difficult, until I see others eating bread and doughnuts.

I'm looking forward to Shavous and cheese danish. :)

Happy Passover to you and your family.


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