New York hospitality

My travels continue and I now find myself living in the Bronx and working in Manhattan.  For the purposes of this blog, I'm once again working on inviting guests and building on weekend hospitality.

This past weekend, I hosted four relatives.  I only cooked one meal, as we were invited out for the second meal. We had lots of fun and the food and conversation were great.

Friday night dinner for 5
Green Salad
Chicken soup (plain, with vegetables)
Roast Chicken - best roast chicken thighs I've made in some time
Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl) in a Dutch oven
Roast Asparagus

Fun food.  The bibimbap was very nice.  Fun to make and to eat.  I didn't use the suggested hot sauce because by guests were not interested in spicy food.  Next time, I'll try to find some kosher alternative to gochujang.

The roast chicken took a total of 40 minutes from start to finish.  I could make this any day, assuming that I had people around to eat it.

Stay tuned. I'm hoping to post more often than once a year....


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