Rafi Shabbat

My wife has decided to name the next few Shabbatot based on the main events. This shabbat, my soldier son finally got leave for the weekend after 6 weeks on the base. We really missed him and are very happy to spend some quality time with him. Of course, right now he is asleep and tonight he is eating at his girlfriends house. Oh well, at least we get to do his laundry.

We have a busy weekend. Four girls from the New York area (Midreshet Amit) are visiting. In addition, we have a young boy in a wheel chair and his helper. They are from the Kav L'Chayim organization. This wonderful group provides support and help for very sick children My sister was heavily involved in the US branch called Chai Life Line. These two will be eating lunch with us tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be busy. First, we have a special Kiddush for our good friend Leya Gale who got engaged this week to a nice young man named Ron-Moshe. We are very excited about the upcoming wedding and wish them a happy life together.

For lunch, we are having a major crowd. Our eight, the four girls, the two from Kav L'Chayim and two families from the yishuv. All told, 23 people, but with at least 3 under 5. Its going to be busy.

Shabbat Parshat Vayakel-Pikudei
Dinner - 11
Onion Soup
Stuffed Onions and Peppers
Restaurant Chicken Wings
Italian Meatballs and Spaghetti
Green Salad

Lunch - 23
Meat Roll
Beef Goulash from the Crock Pot
Roast Chicken
Kugel (x2)
Vegetable Salad
Israeli Salad


Melissa said…

I just found your blog via Israeli Kitchen.

Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I love the menu ideas for Shabbat.

Thank you for creating such a nice blog to visit.


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